Coming up with a new logo design can be a complex and confusing process for the owners of an organization. This is because they are numerous elements to put into consideration to come up with an appealing and descent logo to match the organization. Thin includes font selection, shape, color, images, size and many more others. Let’s look at some basics factors to consider for you to come up with a desirable logo.

The first element to put into consideration is originality. It might be drastic when a company’s logo is mistaken with that of a rival organization out there. This is the last thing an organization would want for their log design. It is therefore very important to have originality with the logo design of an organization. This will ensure that there is no brand confusion and the company image is well protected. This can be achieved in the color, shape and more so symbolism of the logo

Another important factor to consider is simplicity. Keep the logo design simple. This is very essential to ensure that the logo appeals and interests potential investors and customers. Complicated, clustered and busy logo designs do not favor the business organization in any way. Past research shows that the most successful logos are just simple.

It is also essential to consider memorability. In the current days there are numerous commercial information and material in the disposal of the common consumer. The media including TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers, socials sites and web banners avail these commercial messages to the average consumers. Therefore when designing a new logo for your business is essential to ensure that it will be able to filter through the numerous brands logos in the market. The only way to achieve this is to make it as memorable as possible.

Clarity is another factor to consider. This simply means that the logo should carefully but vividly tell what the company is all about. It must give the attributes of the brand at a glance to the consumer. For instance a cheetah embedded logo may tell how fast and effective a bike brand is.

The last thing to look into is brandability. The logo is usually the face of the company to the public therefore it must be easy to sell to the public. It must go with every medium that holds your brand be it the packaging, transportation on trucks, social media or any other media of branding. In short the logo format should be favorable to the branding of your product.