Recently SEO has proved to be a real important aspect in web design and it is essential to develop a workable SEO strategy to ensure you get it right. But the question is how to achieve this and most importantly keep the strategy going even in the future dates. Some will remain updated by the Google webmaster recommendations, watch videos and follow tutorials in the internet to the letter all in the effort of developing a fruitful strategy. There is no harm in this at all. Eventually you will be equipped with a lot of information and it now depends on the strategy you choose and adopt in your SEO.
However there exists a danger in letting the commercial search engines define your strategy. This is due to the fact that they can easily adopt updates and changes that may end up hurting your game. This is for instance the recent updates by Google commonly known as panda and penguin. Some sites however well-developed they were ended up suffering a major drop in the ranking.
Another setback that has been experienced with webmasters is in the case of linking. This was the commonly used strategy until recently where other factors have overtaken it. For instance Google later announced that the sites with links that were with optimized anchor text in its articles faced a chance of having these links violating the guidelines of the search engine. This means that it would be very hectic to go back and unwound many links that were in the sites to match Google guidelines.
Therefore developing a SEO strategy is a very involving task, one may also borrow from other sites. It’s simple. Visit the top ranking sites and find out what keeps the there. From this it may give an overview of what to incorporate in your strategy. One may also add other specializations that are thought to be advantageous or those learnt from webmasters to their strategy. After this the other issue to consider is how flexible the strategy is to ensure that it can accommodate future changes in the current highly changing technological platform.