The process of measuring the success of your SEO strategy may be very different in different occasion depending on the content that is in the site. However there are some key performance indicators to how successful your SEO is.
Rankings are one of these basic indicators. Under this the most common strategy is the keyword ranking. Recent research has shown that the websites that are returned on the first page of the Google results list share commonly most of the traffic. Therefore keyword SEO has become the basic principle to a successful SEO strategy. But due to the stiff completion in the keyword usage, websites have been adopting up to more than ten keywords to win the top positions in the SEO ranking.
Another indicator of how your SEO strategy is the amount of traffic that the site receives. Traffic is determined by the amount of the visits the site gets from organic search. When the SEO strategy is successful the site will face a rise in the traffic. Traffic element is however viewed in two aspects. The first is the volume of the traffic which includes the total number of people that access the site. The other important element of traffic is the quality of traffic.
Traffic quantity may be determined by maybe the pages accessed per visit bounce rate or else the visit duration. Traffic quality is how concerned the visitors are to your page. For instance if you are operating a business online it would define how likely it is to have a buyer visitor to your site.
The next aspect to measure the success of ones SEO is to define the conversions. This can be gotten from the number of feedback you get from the visitors. This is for instance how many comment in a post, quotes request from others, contact request among others. Conversions may also be a useful indicator of quality traffic. A person who just searched a keyword looked at the page liked nothing will not bother emailing back on the page or commenting on a post. Another aspect that can be used to measure the quality of conversion is determining ROI. This can be defined by how profitable the customers to your site are and their contractual period with you or simply their lifetime.