Having new visitors in your ecommerce business website is the sole goal to the ecommerce businesses around the globe. This may entail seeking the highest ranking in Google and other search engines. This will ensure that more traffic to the site and consequently mere customers to the organizations products. But as noted the search engines are constantly updating and changing their search strategies. This can be attested by the recent panda and penguin updates by Google.

The updates can be very disastrous at seen where most pages that were ranking high on Google ended up disappearing from its search results. The ecommerce businesses sites were one on the hardest hit by the changes since they almost entirely rely on the SEO strategy for branding. Therefore for the ecommerce businesses due to the nature of the business have to keep up with the speed with such SEO changes in the current technological revolutions.

One of the solutions to such crisis as low ranking is considering the content on the web site. The designer should come up with an appealing content describing the product on offer by the business avoiding irrelevant information. Under this it is now wise to copy paste the manufacturer’s content on the product the business is offering. This may end up affecting your ranking since it affects the uniqueness of the site or may end up competing with the manufacturer’s site in any case there is one.

Broken links may also be a blow to the site ranking. This is so because despite being penalized by Google, it is also very disheartening to the visitors of your site. Link analysis strategy is essential for the site to bounce back from low ranking by Google. So if one discovers any licks affected by updates, it is wise to either remove them or consider repairing them as soon as possible.

Another SEO tool that e-businesses do not exploit is the MicroFormating and rich snippets. MicroFormating makes the product level information specific and easily accessible for Google index. This is because it enables Google to infer what the visitors can always easily infer. This includes the search engine easily identifying the business name, brand price and so on.
Another setback that the web developers should strive to put right is unfriendly URL and canonical tags. The URL should be more or less self-explanatory by solving the linkage problem since the path to a certain web page will easily appear in the URL structure.