When you are designing your website one of the things that should always ring in your mind is the SEO. This is because if by any chance you are to host the site, you need visitors and without proper SEO strategy your site may rank low and end up having no visitors to your site. It is the same case even if your site is already online. You need to improve the technicalities to improve it.
Some of the things to look out are to avoid too many features in the site. This can affect search engine crawlers. Some think that too many features improve the search engine result page (SERP) but in real sense they affect your technical SEO. It is also wise to use robots.txt that tells the search engine which features and pages should be retrieved and leave the unnecessary ones.
Make sure that your website can handle if-modified-since HTTP header element. This is a feature that gives the information to Google the changes that took place in the content contained in your website since its last access to your website. It makes the search engine efficient on your site and also saves bandwidth. This will improve your SEO and help your website climb up rankings.
Avoiding session IDS is also a mark up your SEO improvement. This is the specific number that the server allocates the user during the time he is online. These IDs may end up de-indexing your site. It is wise to not incorporate them on your site. Make the website compatible with many browsers. Since people use different browsers to go online, it is noble to ensure that you capture as many visitors as possible by ensuring that no matter the browser they use you are not disadvantaged.
Another important aspect to consider is your site loading time. It’s quite important to monitor your website loading period since the faster the website loads when searched the higher the ranking in terms of search engine optimization. It is also true that the faster the page loads on your website the better the customer satisfaction and in this way traffic to the site is bound to increase. Some of the suggested speed monitors include Page Speed and WebPagetest among others.