HTML; these are initials to the word (Hyper Text Markup Language). This is a machine language that is widely used and accepted web design language. This is because it is easier to learn and use during the development of a webpage. HTML can be used for the development of all the output of a page. On clear observation, there exist three sections of a well-developed HTML document source. These include internal, external and inline sections of a webpage. To start with, inline markup section is in the <body> tag. It gives the structure of the output from a webpage, like creating divisions and tables. The webpage’s base outline is defines in this ‘section’. Other elements in it may be composed of forms, links, buttons, authors and even plain images and text. Even is inline markup does a lot of decoration in a webpage, this is not its sole purpose since the method is highly criticized. One should use HTML to construct the structure of the webpage, not to major on decorations like lines, colors and boarders although it’s also possible.
The next section is the internal markup which is contained in the <head> tag. Normally most people see nothing directly in the internal markup. This is the case especially where there’s nothing like the title tag on the page. However the section i.e. the internal markup, give some very important elements of a page of which the user might fail to see. These may include, document type declaration, keywords and character set declaration for the web page. The above elements are important especially for the purposes of the rank in search Multi web documents also, the use of internal markup is essential to harmonize those multiple languages to work together .another use of internal markup is decorations , making of dynamic objects and also alignment.
The last section, the external markup is the harmonizer of any other language not incorporated in document written in HTML language but in a separate file.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is also another web-design language well accepted too. As opposed to HTML, CSS is not used to create but for the purposes of decorating, alignment and general visibility of the page. In general CSS takes the output of HTML and improves on how it is displayed. Therefore instead of using HTML to improve the appearance, it is wise to use CSS.CSS is contained in a webpage by the use of internal markup.