The course of developing a nice and responsive web design layout includes a number of considerations. Fluid-width layouts are similar, but the idea that they can be used in mobile devices has rarely been in in the designers mind. One expects each distinctive web design to portray primary element unique from other common website layouts. A careful plan and course plotting is very essential so as to maintain the shift from big screens as in the case of desktops to the mobile devices and maintain the usability.
Ono of the ways the ways to achieve the above is considering resizing and positioning. This is the common and one of the easiest approaches. Resizing and positioning ensures that the design does not end up having some elements hidden or distort the window after a shift from one size screen size to the other. The links made should fit nicely in the layout will ensure a high link analysis of your layout.
Select menus are not a favorite to many web designers as they prefer the prettier drop down menus. The fact is that select menus are not the great but they may work for navigation purposes. People who are familiar with the internet may not find select menu hard to navigate and therefore may end up giving you a superior linkage design. The main aim of incorporating the select menu design is to ease the user experience and is supported by most operating systems.
Overlay dropdowns is another element a web designer should look at having in the layout. As noted especially in mobile devices the space is very limited and outlay dropdowns may end up giving a suitable solution to this. This is because they keep the links hidden until the moment the user needs them. They can also be grouped in various tabs as in the case of block dropdowns in the same layout on the bases of their linkage.
The dropdowns easily comes out when the user drags the mouse pointer on the tab they are contained and easily goes away when the user leave the position. This sliding element gives the user a unique touch and experience. The footer linkage also is a great navigation strategy that one can adopt. This avoids the instance where all the links are tucked up there on the design layout.