SEO is an amazing concept in the whole idea and ever developing World Wide Web. Despite its importance in the highly used online optimization, it is also a big mystery to most people around the world today. The fact that it can provide results to machine and human oriented queries is of a very great and critical importance to the business strategies in the whole world. For an organization to keep up with the high competition that exist in the opponents updates contained in the search engine companies, there needs for the organizations to perform critical reforms and keep up with the search engines rankings.
Recently, Google, the giant search engine as put into place two useful improvements penguin and panda. This is for the purpose of perfecting its highly potent indexing and searching algorithms. Due to this many sites that did not match the new introduced convections faced a major blow. This is after they dropped heavily in relation to search engine rankings. This affected SEO ranking of skimpy quality sites, on the other size it gave an advantage to superior quality websites having better content. This gives a big concern to SEO experts dealing with an organization site and why they should be very visionary when optimizing a site. This is because it may be drastic for a company to have its site drop in ranking when major updates are incorporated in the search engines. This is mainly to the organizations that rely on the World Wide Web to brand their product. The rival companies with better sites and quality content may pose a big challenge in that instance.
Google spiders also were also adjusted that they automatically reviewed sited that were flexible to give them better rankings. They improvements were based on accuracy, superiority and the type of content contained in the site. Therefore the static sites though well written and having quality standard content, they were disadvantaged and faced a terrible fall. This was despite having good SEO keywords or SEO links. The updates were based on the new regulatory standards formulated for the purpose of ranking the site by use of a variety of elements. They featured on the content of the sites that is what the message is composed of therefore those composed of bad writing features were disadvantaged. Another element that was taken into consideration during Google updates was the newness and re-creation of the content contained in the sites. Technical correctness and uniqueness was put into consideration.