In the current time there is much information going round on the use of search engine optimization. This is due to the fact that the success of a website relies on it yet it is always a headache form many people to come up with a SEO strategy that will see the site climb up the rankings. It has become very hard to know what to do and also what will hurt your website putting into consideration the numerous updates and changes taking place in the current technological world. However most of the information that is available may end up doing more harm than good to your valuable website by ranking low online. Here are some of the practices that one should take caution about since they may end up giving devastating results on your website regarding SEO.

The first mistake one can do during web development is buying of links. Some companies sell thousands on links to you and one may end up paying less to have other pages linked to your website. The question you should ask yourself is if the pages links to yours are related to your line of business and if the pages are reputable. A search engine like Google may end up de-indexing you from their ranking when they discover you are buying links. This will end up with your page not appearing in in its search results. It’s wise to sell your articles through your own website rather that distribute them through other sites.

Another place where developers go wrong is incorporating irrelevant content in your website. Google takes care of its reputation by valuing the experience of its users. Therefore when it discovers that your site contains content that do not help the visitors you will end up having your site de-indexed and this may be devastating to your website. This will lead to a big drop in the SEO ratings. To ensure your ratings are not affected also avoid spam content in your website. Poor written comments that your visitors mark as spam may greatly affect your site negatively. It is therefore crystal clear that not all content available in the internet about climbing the rankings is true since as seen some may be harmful to your website in the long run.