The knowledge of how search engines operate is very essential for one to know how to improve one’s web page position. Search engines rank web pages by the use of SEO links and SEO keywords. These keywords compose of the important and the main terms contained in the web page. These main terms should be the composition of the main content contained in the webpage. For instance one want to know more about web design languages the key words to use would be ‘web design’, ‘HTML’ and others that may be related to that.

Normally the search engines use programs known as crawlers or better still spiders for searching the web and examining to analyze the numerous webpages in the World Wide Web. Through the keywords they are therefore able to group the web pages in the related contents and rank them for the user to view them during their browsing. Therefore for once site to be resulted in the search engine and avail the content of your webpage to the right audience; it is very essential to include relevant keywords in the webpage for good SEO of your page.

As seen the keywords are very essential in optimizing ones site therefore the question is how to place these keywords to maximize on their effectiveness. The answer is to, first; include the keywords in the title of the webpage. This is a very suitable place for the search engine to pick up on them. Another pace where the keyword may make an impact on the webpage is in the header tags. Many SEO experts may advice one to use the important keywords all through the webpage. This however has a disadvantage since it may lead one to end up overusing the keywords in the documents therefore making it to reflect bad writing techniques on the webpage.

This may also be a setback as far as the quality of the information contained is concerned. Worse even is to have the webpage flagged as spam by the search engine. This problem may be resolved by employing the use of related or even synonyms of the keyword in their places to deter monotony. Other that keywords the search engine also look at how well the page is linked to other related pages. This is known as link analysis and this also is important to have the site rise up the ranks in terms of search engine optimization.