There are many reasons that accrue from doing SEO for other people especially in your career as a web designer. Some reasons include.

The SEO job pays well. This means that it will take you less time to earn a decent income for yourself. This will also mean that you will get enough to finance and invest in coming up with your own site. Developing a fully and successful WordPress site is not a walk in the park and therefore the earnings are good. Besides earning money, you may end up getting a lot experience that will be very useful in your career. Doing SEO means that you will interact with other web designers and better still other SEO experts. This means that you can a lot in less time with little effort. Therefore in future when coming up with your site the skills will be at hand. The experience you earn will also give you sufficient courage that you can do it on your own website.

Doing SEO does not involve very long contractual periods with clients since SEO is both a short term undertaking though done entirely in every growth stage of a website. This give you room to leave the job at will and the employer can get another SEO expert to start from the position you leave. This will give you an opportunity to start your own undertakings when you want without hurting your employer. This is different from other jobs in the web design career where one is tied to a client for long contractual periods.

It is a fact that SEO is a central point in a successful web design career. Doing SEO for others before embarking on your own site, will give you an overview of the job. This will show you if it is a great idea and if it works for you or not. It might look fascinating to successfully set up a successful WordPress website but one may realize there are aspects of it that are undesirable. This will guide a lot in choosing the course of your career. The SEO experience also will enable you earn technicalities that will improve your efficiency as a SEO expert and later a website entrepreneur.

Working with other people in their sites will give you the hiring experience. This experience may be very useful when setting up your websites in the future. This is because it is probable that you will also need to hire SEO experts to work for you. Your hiring experience will go a long way to giving you an overview of what you’ll be looking for in the people you hire. The person you work for also will serve as a mentor during the time you work for them and when you will be coming up with your own sites. They will teach you what it takes to set up a successful site. Having a mentor is far much easier than gong the trial and error method during web design and search engine optimization. The job will also enable you have templates and standard layouts that may be guiding into your own web design strategy.